• What is the Best Makeup Kit to Buy?

    What is the best makeup kit to buy? That is a question that you have probably asked yourself more times than you care to admit. If you are like me, then you have probably purchased at least one makeup kit that fell short of your expectations. Did you end up regretting the purchase and throwing […]

  • Selecting a Makeup Brush Set

    Makeup brushes are perhaps the most significant beauty accessory, which you could own for makeup. However, with proper maintenance, high-quality makeup brushes would even last a lifetime. There are the tips here quite useful, both on their own or when added as an extra piece of information to our ‘How to select your makeup brush’ […]

  • Top Tips for a Safe and Secure Online Shopping

    Online shopping nowadays is the most popular thing to do. Consumers all over the world can now purchase stuff in just one click. You don’t have to withdraw cash physically, you can just purchase an item by connecting your bank account. For this reason, many cybercriminals are emerging and taking the advantage of online shopping […]

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  • Why Online Prom Dress Shopping Became Popular

    Can you imagine prom dress shopping way before when there was no internet? It must be so difficult for girls to go to stores and get a look inspiration from a few magazines. Then when they wore the dress at prom night, another girl is also wearing the same dress.. what a disaster. In today’s […]