Hong Kong’s Best Shopping Guide

A big question on everyone’s mind when they get to Hong Kong: Where need to I get low-cost electronic devices. Now this is a difficult one. People come below anticipating to find the most recent and greatest, which at low-cost rates. Sad thing is that people usually leave below with inferior products and also in addition to that have been cheated on the rate, typically paying way greater than exactly what the item is worth.

What you must do:

Exactly what I have discovered over the last couple of years right here, is that if you desire any digital products, most likely to the official shops. Why, you ask me?

1) All the items are main items, with complete service warranty.

2) They will certainly be truthful as well as inform you if any type of device is region secured or sim locked, and also suggest designs that do not have these constraints.

3) Their rates are LOWER. Yes BELOW the street shops. Also they will often immediately give you a discount rate and complimentary gifts (display protectors, cords, lug cases, etc).

4) You will certainly not waste time bargaining as well as aiming to get the version you want. If they have it in stock, you obtain it. Otherwise, carry on to the following store, as well as attempt there.

Currently where are these main stores, you ask me?

You could check out these stores:

– Broadway – A chain located all around Hong Kong

– Citadel – A chain located all around Hong Kong

– Star House – A great deal of electronics shops located in there, including Apple stores

– All official Apple stores

– Sham Shui Po – Even though this looks like a flea market, they market official products at great, respectable prices.

– Sino Centre – A good location in Mong Kok for all video game related purchases.