Selecting a Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brushes are perhaps the most significant beauty accessory, which you could own for makeup. However, with proper maintenance, high-quality makeup brushes would even last a lifetime. There are the tips here quite useful, both on their own or when added as an extra piece of information to our ‘How to select your makeup brush’ page, as basic information for future users, both novice and experienced. Of course, before going through some of the common tips, let us first discuss the type of makeup brushes that you can have at your disposal. The most commonly used brushes are;

There are different types of brushes to suit different types of makeup applications. The most common would be; a full-sized makeup brush for foundation application, concealer application, eye shadow application, etc. A bristle brush is ideal for using with foundation and other liquid makeup products. A blending brush is also a good choice for use with; removing makeup, outlining the eyes, creating a look for a smokey eye, defining the cheekbones, etc.

Most bristle products have three to five different types of hairs, which are called; soft, stiff, and natural. Some people might be allergic to certain hair types and may experience adverse reactions. So, when buying a bristle hairbrush it’s best to check that it has not been hypoallergenic tested. When the bristles are well-cleaned, they are plucked regularly to prevent build-up.

When choosing the right type of brush, the size should also depend on the application. For instance, when using a liquid foundation, you’ll want a smaller bristled brush to apply the foundation with more even strokes, whereas, if you wish to apply powder with a paddle brush, you can use a very large bristled brush to apply powder with a very even stroke. If you wish to create shaded areas or apply blush, then you will need a stiff bristle brush for applying blush with a precise stippling motion. Any powder should also be applied using a stiff-bristled brush to avoid streaking and blotchy effects.

Two very popular makeup brush brands are; baby squirrel hair and more hair. Baby squirrel and Maree hair are synthetic, and so they have not been subjected to the adverse effects usually caused by human hair. However, some experts claim that the baby squirrel and maree hair are the best options available for synthetic makeup brushes, especially when traveling. They tend to last longer than human hair, which makes them a good investment.

The two basic makeup brushes are; the eye-shadow brush and the blush brush. The eye-shadow brush can be used to create a smoky look, which is perfect for day-to-night applications. When blending colors, the contour brush is often used for this purpose. If you wish to create a look with several colors of blush, then you should purchase the bronzer brush.

You have the option of purchasing individual brushes as well as a whole matched set. Some brushes come in basic, medium, and thick feel. The thick bristles of the thick bristled brushes create lines and a dense finish. These types of brushes also give a natural shine to the complexion. These brushes tend to be longer lasting than their shorter bristled counterparts.

When applying concealer, the brush with the biggest bristles tends to do an excellent job. The best way to apply concealer is to have your Concealer Brush, powder brush, and bronzer brush all at the same time. The powder brush is meant to be used first, then the bronzer brush, and finally the concealer brush. If you place the concealer brush on a concealer foundation that does not have a shimmery finish, then the shimmer will not show up when you apply the bronzer brush and the blush brush. You can also make a “smooth” application of concealer by tapping the bristles of the bristle makeup brush on the surface of your face, to create an evenly dispersed blush and concealer application.